For Your Consideration

Set on a stretch of highway just outside the imagined utopia of Disney World, director Sean Baker’s THE FLORIDA PROJECT follows six-year-old Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) and her rag-tag gang of friends. Moonee and her rebellious mother Halley (Bria Vinaite) live week to week at a budget motel managed by Bobby (Willem Dafoe), whose stern exterior hides a deep reservoir of kindness and compassion. Despite her harsh surroundings, Moonee has no trouble making each day a celebration of life, her afternoons overflowing with mischief and adventure. Unbeknownst to Moonee, however, her delicate fantasy is supported by the struggle and sacrifice of Halley, who is forced to explore increasingly dangerous possibilities in order to provide for her daughter. Written by Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch, THE FLORIDA PROJECT offers a depiction of contemporary lives lived in the margins and how anywhere can be a Magic Kingdom - it just depends on how you see it.